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Our corporate policy is to be a leading company in process furnaces and air cooled condensers including related products by applying the newest design technology to meet the various needs of customer's, and to apply our extensive history of supply records to the world and the global market.

JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. has implemented quality policies to meet the quality expectations and requirements of customers regarding the performance of the engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning of its variety of fired heaters and furnaces and related facilities at certain costs within an agreed period of time.

It is the objective of the JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. to maintain a system efficiently ensuring quality in all aspects of its operation and thereby achieve excellence in organizational performance.

I hereby appoint the Manager of the Quality Assurance Department as the management representative who, irrespective of other responsibilities, has the authority to implement a suitable and effective quality system. He will regularly report to me on achievements related to satisfying the declared quality policy.

Employees at all levels in the organization shall understand the quality policy, and implement and the maintain quality system of the company to attain its objectives.

Establish and maintain the HSE Management System, objectives and targets in accordance with ISO 14001 standard to continuously contribute to improving the natural environment;
Maintain environmental quality and ensure that for all levels of managers the employee's safety and health are their top priorities;
Respect customer requirements as well as international and national regulations on the environment, safety, and health;
Inform suppliers and/or contractors about our HSE requirements and environment factors to encourage them to adopt similar sound environmental management practices;
Continue to train all the executives and the employees to understand and implement the policy and all aspects of the company's environment, safety & health management system by continuously reviewing the suitability and improving the effectiveness of the documented HSE management system. The above HSE policy and the results of all activities will be made available to all interested parties, both internally and externally.

ISO 9001 & 14001 Certificates
ISO 9001 & 14001 Certificate ISO 9001:200 & KSA 9001:2001 ISO 14001:2004