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With the advent of the new millennium, global as well as domestic engineering markets are in the grips of uncertainty, creating an entirely new environment where only a handful of market leaders having global competitiveness can expect to have future.

Since its establishment in 1998, JNK Heaters Co., Ltd. has greatly contributed to the construction, maintenance and revamping of fired heaters and air cooled condensers.

We place our priorities on health, safety, and the environment. Moreover, with our business principle being to provide many services including process products for heaters, data cheet calculation, design, shop fabricating management, management of erection in the field , etc. In an economical and optimized manner within the fastest possible time, we heve concentrated on building an effective knowledge management system, improving corporate efficiency by continually reducing costs and making efforts to improve overall, and building a basis for global management to become a customer-oriented total solution provider.

Centered on our customers, our shareholders, and profits, we will strive to become an advanced global player, equipped with an infrastructure up to global standards.

Furthermore, people and technology, are the critical factors in the engineering
business, and are our core values. We are setting out to establish long-term
training programs aimed at nurturing professionals with extensive experience,
and make aggressive investments to develop specialized, and new technologies
for the environment and energy sectors, facilitating the arrival of future.

We are committed to becoming your most reliable business partner and to catering
to your needs with seamless services and the highest professionalism because
we have the attitude that genuinely caring for our customers is of the utmost